YouTube Starts Allowing Custom Messages When Creators Promote Through Social Media


Here’s a quick bite of YouTube news for you. If you haven’t noticed by now, YouTube has begun letting creators customize the text that accompanies all publicized videos. Now, when you upload a video to YouTube, the text promoting it across your social networks no longer has to be a default message. The ability to […]

YouTube Invests In Only 40% Of Remaining Premium Channels, Original Creators Still On Top


YouTube will be saying goodbye (so to speak) to some of their partners while handing over big bags of cash to others in the coming weeks. Over the weekend, YouTube announced that they would begin another round of original channel investing but only to around 40% of their existing partners. Consider this as YouTube’s way […]

Bing Chen, Lead Of Creator Development, Talks The Future Of YouTube Partnership [INTERVIEW]


Right now is a scary time for YouTube creators. Everyday, YouTube seems to be dramatically evolving their interface, mobile applications and overall content strategies. The constant evolution of YouTube seems to be in the name of pushing the video-sharing site towards more network-style branded entertainment. With major celebrities like Wayne Brady, Madonna and Amy Poehler […]

YouTube Partner Program’s Margaret Healey Transfers to Google Fiber


After more than six years with the YouTube Partner Program, Margaret Healy is moving to Google Fiber to be a part of their business development. She made the announcement on her Google+ page early this morning, thanking content creators for their work over the years. Healy said, “I wanted to thank all you content creators for making work so […]

“Thousands” of YouTube Partners Make Six Figures, You Can Too!


In a recent earnings call with YouTube investors, Google senior vice president and chief business officer Nikesh Arora said that the video sharing site has “found” its model—meaning that the site has come a long way since 2007 thanks to its push for original content and deals with NBC Universal to stream the upcoming Olympic […]

YouTube Offline: Are Downloads Hurting Partners?


For people who want to enjoy their favorite YouTube videos offline, why not order The YouTube Collection DVD set? OK, that was YouTube’s April Fools’ joke this year, but a large number of third-party applications will let you download your favorite YouTube videos for your enjoyment without buffering issues and advertisements. One of the more […]

Breaking News: YouTube Announces First-Ever Partner Rewards Program Recipients [EXCLUSIVE]


During VidCon 2012, YouTube announced that they would soon be rolling out a Partners Reward Program for any partner that surpassed 1 million subscribers. Today, YouTube is unveiling who will be receiving this prestigious accolade, which includes a gold plated play button, a gift card for equipment upgrades and a pretty slick custom LSR camera […]

YouTube May Have $1.2 Billion For Partners


Are YouTube’s daring efforts to become a television carbon copy earning them the big bucks? Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney thinks so. In fact, he predicted to AllThingsD by the end of the year that YouTube will generate more than $3.6 billion in revenue from advertising and other sources. Google—owner of YouTube—will probably keep about $2.4 […]

YouTube Celebrates 7 Candles


Light some candles for YouTube, because they just celebrated its official 7th birthday Sunday. Since launching the video sharing site in 2005, our water cooler conversations have never been the same and revolutionized how we kill time inside the office by watching new viral videos. So hooray for that! Over the years, as viewership blew […]

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