YouTube Threatens to Drop Indie Label Music


YouTube’s dispute with independent music labels has reached new heights as the video purveyor prepares to launch its streaming music service. YouTube’s head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl, told the Financial Times that artists represented by labels that haven’t signed on to Google’s premium streaming service will begin to see their videos systematically […]

Is YouTube Winning the Race for Mobile Traffic?


In the internet horserace, it looks like YouTube is winning by a nose. According to the newest research reports, YouTube is in the lead for the most mobile traffic at 17.3 percent, with Facebook in a close second holding 14.8 percent of mobile traffic. But when it comes to online web traffic, Netflix won by […]

YouTube Adds 12 Free Holiday Tracks to the YouTube Audio Library Just in Time for Christmas

grumpy cat christmas

YouTube is playing Santa this Christmas by adding 12 free seasonal tracks to the YouTube Audio Library. Announced on their Creators Blog, YouTube added holiday classics like “Deck the Halls,” “Joy to the World,” “Auld Lang Syne,” “Silent Night,” and “Oh Hannukkah” to download for anyone. The tracks are license-free and can be used anywhere […]

Biting the Hand That Feeds Us: Top 10 Things We Hate About YouTube


Look, NMR can’t be all sunshine and kittens. Sometimes we get fed up with the very material we are tasked with covering day in and day out. Don’t you think we want to tell it like it is once in a while? Don’t you think we get tired of hearing everyone in interviews say, “I’m […]

Survey: For the First Time Ever, YouTube Beats Facebook as Younger Teens’ Favorite Site


On the heels of a Facebook earnings call where the social networking giant admitted they had lost traction with younger teens for the first time ever, comes the news that YouTube has now overtaken Facebook as younger teens’ favorite site. According to the Futures Company’s annual upcoming TRU Youth Monitor survey results, as previewed by […]

YouTube vs. TV: And the Winner Is … [INFOGRAPHIC]


Ah, YouTube vs. TV, the debate that already seems as age-old as the chicken or the egg. Or Whitney vs. Mariah. Mario or Sonic. Weed vs. alcohol (dandelions and isopropyl alcohol, duh). Danny Zappin vs Maker. The answer to the last one, I believe, has always been clear: the right party in that matter is […]

Vice Launches Lil Bub & Friendz, Syrian War Can Wait


When I watched the trailer for “Lil Bub and Friends” many a moon ago, I assumed it would be some kind of redonkulous space themed adventure centered on a slightly deformed cat from another planet. VICE, of course, doesn’t fuck around and instead used Lil Bub as a vessel to tell the tale of the […]

Windows Phone YouTube App Is Back After Ugly Google, Microsoft Feud


After a three-month hiatus, the YouTube app is back on the Windows Phone marketplace. The application was pulled after Microsoft and Google had an ugly, public dispute over the original version’s lack of ad functionality. The Windows-built model, according to Google, defied many of the policies set in place by YouTube / Google including a […]

Promise Tamang Phan | Beauty Guru


The Mad Hatter, Michael Jackson and Katy Perry; you name the person or character, and the odds that YouTube’s resident transformation guru, Promise Phan, has transformed herself into them are in your favor. From painting her entire body blue while undertaking an “Avatar” transformation to donning a men’s wig to become Drake, Phan will stop […]

NMR Cheat Sheet: ’2013 YouTube Study’ Findings Made Quick and Easy for Everyone


Previously, NewMediaRockstars reported on Columbia College’s “2013 YouTube Study.” The paper aims to answer questions like “How long should my videos be?” and “How often should I post?” and even “What kind of content gets the most views?” The paper’s author is Wojciech Lorenc, an assistant professor at Columbia College’s Television Department. For any current […]

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