Fullscreen Now the #1 Independent YouTube Network According to Comscore [INTERVIEW]


In less than two years, Fullscreen has inched past Maker Studios to become the number one independent YouTube network, according to comScore Video Metrix. The report stated that Fullscreen had 31,079,000 unique viewers in December 2012, overtaking Maker Studios’ 30,013,000 unique viewers. Since its launch in January 2011, Fullscreen boasts more than 100 million subscribers […]

The Year Of Smosh: How The Dynamic Duo Built 2013′s Most Subscribed YouTube Channel


In early 2011, the main YouTube channel of comedy duo Smosh had fewer than 3 million subscribers. In July, 2011 teen content provider and digital network Alloy Digital acquired the Smosh brand sealing one of the largest YouTube deals in recent memory. Back when Alloy Digital acquired Smosh, the veteran video creators operated two channels […]

YouTube and VEVO’s Partnership Is On The Rocks — Do They Really Need Each Other?


With the contract between YouTube and music video distributor VEVO officially expired, the possibility of the two companies parting ways is more plausible than ever. It’s reported that VEVO is seeking a larger ad revenue share from YouTube, which is currently somewhere between 51% and 75% with a 10% sales commission taken off the top. […]

‘Toy Story’ Recreation As A Live-Action Film Goes Viral on YouTube [VIDEO]


Two aspiring filmmakers took their love of “Toy Story” to a whole other level by making a low-budget, live-action remake of the Pixar classic that has gone viral since its upload to YouTube a couple of days ago. It took two and a half years for Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta to develop and film […]

Watch This: Dog Mistaken As a Lion Prompts 911 Calls [VIDEO]


What’s a little lion cub doing roaming the streets of Norfolk, Virginia? You’re not looking at a lion cub but rather Charles the Monarch, a Labrador-poodle mix owned by Daniel Painter. He told The Virginian-Pilot newspaper that he had Charles the Monarch groomed to look like Old Dominion University’s mascot. Unfortunately for a few residents […]

Codecademy Partners With YouTube To Tutor Aspiring API Developers


If you’re an aspiring software developer and would like to change the way YouTube is distributed across multiple platforms on the web, then Codecademy’s news may be something to talk about. Codecademy is partnering up with YouTube, NPR and other companies to provide lessons and seminars for budding developers wanting to create software, applications, projects […]

Quentin Tarantino Shuts Journalist’s ‘Butt Down’ Over Violence Question [VIDEO]


Quentin Tarantino’s latest film “Django Unchained” has been getting tons of buzz since it was released a few weeks ago. Recently, the film has earned three Oscar nominations in addition to lots of controversy over racial epithets and the hallmark of Tarantino cinema—over-the-top violence. So when a journalist from Britain’s Channel 4 News tried to […]

The Young Turks’ Steven Oh Talks Fair Practices & Why YouTube Networks Aren’t Working [INTERVIEW]


It is one of the oldest stories in show business. A young but talented artist starts making waves in their field. Their contribution to the medium is so innovative that the gatekeepers of the entertainment industry can’t help but take notice. The artist’s future is promising, and the golden shores of fame and fortune are […]

Australian Transgender Artist Documents 3-Year Transformation Into A Woman [VIDEO]


A transgender Australian artist who goes by the YouTube username iiGethii has been making waves lately with her time lapse video showing her three-year transformation into a woman while the Beatles’ “Girl” plays in the background. She stated in the description of the video that that she had roughly a 1000 photos of herself and […]

‘Community’s’ Inspector Spacetime, Travis Richey On His ‘Dr. Who’ Parody & Signing To A YouTube Network


Okay, so there is a backstory here, and I have to warn you, it gets a little meta. Just as NBC’s sitcom “Community” was transitioning into a morass of delayed premieres and staff unrest, the writers of the show introduced something called “Inspector Spacetime.” An obvious parody of the much beloved sci-fi series “Dr. Who,” […]

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