Mister Rogers Back From The Dead Again In New PBS Remix ‘Sing Along’ [VIDEO]


Alright. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You and I both know that it was kind of creepy that Mr. Rogers was an adult man who clearly had an affinity for small children and would bring them into his home every day with the lure of puppets and a miniature motorized trolley. Dude had […]

5 Great Moments From Last Night’s Live YouTube Comedy Show


It’s no secret that last night’s YouTube Comedy show did not go as well as people had hoped. Commenters flooded the replay video with feedback on how the show was just “unfunny” and how it had been overhyped. That’s also not to mention that Ed Bassmaster, one of the biggest stars in the YouTube community, […]

Ray William Johnson and Blip Partner To Continue Development Of Runaway Planet


Well done, Blip. If I were trying to take YouTube down, my first step would also probably be to grab the video-sharing site’s biggest name. It seems that Blip is taking a huge step in ramping up their roster of star talent by working out a deal with none other than YouTube’s golden son, Ray […]

Gary Vaynerchuk: The Marketing Guru on the Rise of YouTube, Social Media & His Biggest Weakness


I first discovered Gary Vaynerchuck back in 2008 when my friend shared a YouTube video recording of one of his famous talks at Web 2.0 Expo NY. I was immediately drawn into his energy, charisma and knowledge in building a successful online business. Gary’s rise began when he recognized the importance of e-commerce and took […]

Lucas Cruikshank | YouTube & Television Actor


So oh em gee, Lucas stays in this big gated apartment complex (we heard one of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast members lived there too! GTL!) and me and the NMR team totally had a hard time getting in. We were like, “Let us in,” and they were all like, “Um, no way! Who are you?” […]

YouTube To Shut Down After An 8-Year Search For The ‘Best Video Ever’

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 8.42.26 PM

[Update 4/1/13 9:43 a.m. PST] Watch “Day One” of YouTube’s live ceremony as they announce the “Best Video” nominees. This announcement will resume for 12 hours every day for the next two years. Today, YouTube released a video announcement on their official blog announcing that they will be shutting down after 8 long years of […]

Hank Green Shares Lessons Learned From Being An Original Content Funding Recipient


More than a year ago, Google invested $300 million into original content on YouTube and the mainstream presses went wild. So did the YouTube community, too, with many either freaking out at the growing corporate atmosphere or rolling their eyes at what many saw as a misguided attempt at producing content online. Earlier this week, […]

YouTube To Simplify Earnings Reporting For All Partners


According to the YouTube Creators Blog, YouTube will no longer calculate and report AdSense for Content Host earnings for YouTube partners starting April 1, 2013. This means that starting on that date, all AdSense earnings made from YouTube videos will only be calculated by YouTube and reported via YouTube analytics. In a nutshell, nothing will […]

Daredevil Dies Attempting to Emulate DevinSuperTramp Rope Swing YouTube Stunt


    So YouTube has a little more blood on its hands, and that line between responsibility and spectacle has become slightly fuzzier. Kyle Lee Stocking, 22, was attempting to copy YouTube creator DevinSuperTramp’s fantastically dangerous “World’s Longest Rope Swing” video stunt on Sunday, when something went tragically wrong. Miscalculating the amount of rope needed […]

YouTube Now Gets More Than One Billion Unique Users Per Month


Just now, the official YouTube blog reported that they have reached a new milestone: YouTube now gets more than 1 billion unique users per month. Eight years after its launch in 2005, YouTube has evolved and changed in unimaginable ways. Who would’ve thought that a simple video-sharing site would eventually revolutionize and change how we all […]

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