YouTube’s Alex Day Beats Justin Timberlake on iTunes on Album’s Release Date


Having interviewed Alex Day shortly before his latest album “Epigrams & Interludes” came out, I feel confident in saying “This chap is a lot savvier than I gave him credit for.” And since I already gushed about his work ethic and talent then, I can say that is a pretty decent compliment. He’s a lot […]

Simon Cowell Launches YouTube Channel in Search of New Talent

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 10.39.23 PM

Simon Cowell’s company, Syco Entertainment, announced today that it has teamed up with YouTube to launch a global channel that will give aspiring stars the chance to upload audition videos for a shot at fame and cash prizes. The global audition YouTube channel is called “The You Generation” and will be launched in 26 countries […]

Is There Racism on YouTube? Black Content Creators Speak Out At SXSW


  DeStorm Power, Black Nerd Comedy, Kingsley and Shanna Malcolm are some of the most prominent black YouTube stars out there. They all have the power to entertain and to make their fans laugh in ways that they might not have been able to do in mainstream media. While the YouTube partner program has made […]

YouTube Closes Beta Testing On New Channel Design, Now Open To The Public


  We kicked and screamed, signed petitions and pleaded with Google, but really we knew it would do no good. YouTube has officially closed beta testing for the new channel design, now known as “One Channel,” and opened up the new layout for all willing participants. The announcement video featuring preeminent YouTubers like Chester See […]

5 Big Possible Scenarios For YouTube’s Future


Google bought YouTube, and since Google is a smart company, that effectively makes YouTube a smart company. And smart companies do things to make money. So while you’re sitting at home figuring out how to make a bong out of your microwave, YouTube is busy recruiting innovators to make the company into a global powerhouse. […]

DeStorm Responds to Fan Backlash Regarding His Latest YouTube Video [EXCLUSIVE]


  Artists on YouTube, once they’ve developed a steady following, are often faced with an interesting struggle between satisfying their fans and growing as an artist. It’s not like mainstream recording artists who have years between albums to evolve their style — YouTube artists are updating weekly, which leaves little room for subtle creative stretching. […]

DeStorm Power’s ‘King Kong’ Will Join MTV2 and mtvU’s Regular Rotation On March 4th


It’s always great to hear about a talented YouTuber finally getting some mainstream love. Last Friday, much to the collective joy of the YouTube community, mtvU premiered the music video for DeStorm Power’s “King Kong.” As it happens, according to an update from the rapper, due to the incredible outpouring of support on the mtvU site […]

Okaynate’s Nate Bennett On ‘Game of Thrones’ & Hanging Out With Grumpy Cat [INTERVIEW]


  Nate Bennett, host of the Okaynate YouTube channel, is just hitting his stride as a new addition to the My Damn Channel family of vloggers. Recently joining YouTube royalty like Grace Helbig and Beth Hoyt, Bennett’s channel is quickly gaining steam with diverse vlog entries that range from how to ask someone out to […]

YouTuber DevinSuperTramp Talks to NMR About The ‘World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever’ [INTERVIEW]


  Devin Graham, known as Devinsupertramp on YouTube, released an insane 400 foot rope swing video last night. In a way, the video, which has received over 80,000 views in less than 24 hours is a celebratory upload. Graham, who has recently become a rising star of YouTube, just signed to talent network Fullscreen. Sami […]

HuHa Animation YouTube Channel Expands Reach, Recruits Popular German YouTuber [INTERVIEW]


While much of YouTube’s most popular content revolves around web series and vloggers, animated channels are also making a strong presence on the video-sharing site. Last year, UK-based network ChannelFlip, which has over 140 channels and 1.5 billion views on YouTube, received funding from Google for three languages (English, French and German) and then launched […]

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