5 Things That ‘Suck’ About Being a YouTuber [Guest Post]


1. Being a successful YouTuber will interfere with your professional life I’m sure there are Youtube personalities out there that manage both a professional career and a popular YouTube channel, but for the most part what I’ve seen is that successful YouTubers will not be able to hold a “real job” — at least not […]

Google Adds New Apps To Android, Fixes YouTube Bug — All To Get You on Google+


So Google has been tinkering around with ways to get you hooked on their social media platform Google+. If you’re an Android user, chances are you’ve already noticed their new apps.The company has long wanted to be your one-stop shop for all things everything, even though their Google+ still struggles to achieve “cache.” According to […]

Economics Explains Why YouTube Networks Exist [GUEST POST]


I just realized that most of you YouTubers signed to a “network” don’t even know what the fuck a network is and how it works. This is my attempt at educating you. This post is going to assume you know what CPM is (hopefully). First, let’s start with the basics of YouTube. In 2012, YouTube […]

Kingsley Celebrates 200th YouTube Video By Sharing How He Made It ‘Big’ [VIDEO]


Like most big YouTubers, Kingsley never intended to make more than one video on YouTube. But between his high school graduation and first year of college in 2009, he was working the night shift waiting tables at TGI Fridays, which left him with free mornings to fill. As a remedy for nothing being on TV […]

YouTube Details The Finer Points Of Video Monetization And AdSense Accounts


In the event that you are a new YouTube partner and have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, the fine folks at the YouTube Creators Blog have got your back. There’s always been a bit of confusion surrounding monetization practices, and fortunately, YouTube is looking to clear the air with their latest blog post. The […]

Stop Promoting Yourself: Why Reddit Is A Graveyard For YouTube Creators


There is this concept that in order to be a successful YouTube creator you need to master every form of social media. Countless “How To” articles proclaim the importance of promoting on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and even the slowly fading Google+. Basically, these articles state that if you want people to start caring about […]

PlayStation 4 Will Let Users Upload Gameplay Footage Straight To YouTube


In July, 2012, Sony bought cloud-based gaming service Gaikai for $380 million. The acquisition was said to allow Sony to launch the PlayStation 4 with the ability to stream PlayStation 3 games. Now according to the Wall Street Journal, the involvement of Gaikai within the PS4 will also help facilitate social media integration, specifically with […]

Skrillex, Diplo and A-Trak Launch YouTube Music Network, ‘Potato Will Eat You’


  Good news, frat guys and people on mollies, the Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak YouTube music network you’ve been waiting for is here. The three DJs have been teasing a new project the last couple of days revealing only its name, “Potato Will Eat You.” Finally, a preview video was released recently that explained the […]

Universal Music Publishing Group Announces Partnership With Fullscreen and Maker Studios


In a major coup for Maker Studios and Fullscreen – the top two YouTube networks according to Comscore (they account for over 4 billion collective monthly views) —  it was announced this afternoon that the two YouTube networks have reached an agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group that will give their creators immediate access to Universal Music’s […]

Jimmy Tatro | YouTube Personality


When it comes to shotgunning beer, starting a bro fight and sexting, Jimmy Tatro has the rules of the frat life down pat. At least, his character on his YouTube channel “Life According to Jimmy” does. But sitting in the shade of the Santa Monica Pier, sandwiched between the crazy bird man on a bicycle […]

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