Corridor Digital Unleash ‘After DayZ,’ A Zombie Thriller On An Indie Budget


Earlier this week, YouTube VFX group Corridor Digital released a stunning short film titled “After DayZ.” Diving into the deep pool that is the post-zombie outbreak genre, Corridor Digital’s Sam Gorski and Niko Peuringer have put together a surprisingly deep 9-minute video for two guys who usually work best with blowing shit up. I’ve said […]

Foodbeast Video Proves That We’ve Been Eating Chinese Take-Out The Wrong Way


Nothing satisfies late night hunger better than greasy, delicious Chinese take-out. While many of us can distinguish good chop suey from bad, very few of us know the proper way of eating Chinese take-out. Some of us dump the contents on a plate — too messy. Others like to eat it straight from the box, […]

Zachary Quinto Stars In YouTube Short Film ‘Dog Eat Dog’ on Petsami Channel


“Dog Eat Dog,” a short film featuring “Star Trek” and “American Horror Story” actor Zachary Quinto, made its debut on Petsami today, a YouTube channel targeted towards animal lovers of all ages. FishBowl Worldwide Media, the studio that owns the Petsami channel, partnered with Quinto’s Before The Door Pictures production in bringing this heartwarming rivalry […]

‘Jedi Kitten With The Force’ Is The ‘Star Wars’ Cat Mashup You’ve Always Wanted [VIDEO]


It’s been over a year since the VFX wizards over at Final Cut King released their kitten-infused “Star Wars”-inspired YouTube videos “Jedi Kittens” and “Jedi Kittens Strike Back.” With over 10 million combined views, the pressure was on Final Cut King’s lightsaber-swinging felines to follow up with something equally memorable. Luckily, “Jedi Kitten with the […]

Far East Movement on Performing for Obama, YouTube and Breaking into the Mainstream [INTERVIEW]


Far East Movement is the definition of the phrase “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” After forming in 2003, the musical group set out on a seven year journey to getting their music recognized in the mainstream market. During the humble beginnings of their careers, they were booed off stage, faced scrutiny […]

Brilliant/Insane Man Proposes Three-Way With Fiancee and Friend On YouTube [VIDEO]


You have to hand it to this YouTuber named Zach for being so frank and open about his sexual life. He’s so open about what he wants that he posted a nearly two-minute video to propose “something he hasn’t done before” — a three-way between him, his fiancée Cynthia and Cynthia’s friend Zoe. The best […]

Chop Wood Using a Tire: The 10 Best Life Hack Videos on YouTube


In life, we always want to find the shortest distance from point A to point B, especially if we’re trying to figure out how to open that bottle of wine when we don’t have a corkscrew. What are your options? Thanks to YouTube and the internet, solving everyday problems the easy way are just one […]

Fullscreen Hires Former MTV Exec As VP of Sales and Brand Strategy


Top-ranked independent YouTube network Fullscreen has hired former MTV executive Justin Danko as their vice president of Sales and Brand Strategy. Company CEO and founder George Strompolos said that he was “thrilled” about Danko’s hiring and added in a statement: “He is tremendously talented and passionate about innovating brand solutions for the future of video. We […]

YouTube Moves Closer To Launching Paid Subscriptions Priced At $1 To $5 Monthly


According to an AdAge article released today, YouTube is moving closer to unveiling paid subscriptions as part of their pay-to-view service. Back in October, YouTube’s VP and global head for content spoke at a media summit in Abu Dhabi teasing the idea of paid subscriptions saying, “You will see us offer an option to all […]

YouTube Capture App Updates With 1080p Video Quality, Improved Sharing Capabilities


Just one day after Twitter entered the video-sharing game with its new Vine app, YouTube’s Capture, which lets users film and upload videos using their smartphones, is getting a major update. In its initial release, Capture acted like a stripped-down video production software where users could edit videos, add a soundtrack, image stabilize, color correct […]

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