5 Social Media Resolutions for 2012

If you work in social media, then you’re quite aware of ongoing trends within the industry. With anything ‘new’ there are always bugs to fix and tweaks to be made. Here is a list of changes or improvements to make to your social lifestyle that can help improve your business and public transparency.


1. Be More Authentic:
Tell yourself that you will make it personal this year and stop sounding robotic.

Automated DM’s and Tweets are effective to a certain extent, but the rest of the puzzle relies on finding the time and resources to be more personable. This, in turn, makes the new follower appreciate your business that much more.

2. Use More Video?
Social media professionals now recognize the importance of YouTube. Position2.com said, “There are 24 hours worth of video uploaded every minute on YouTube making it the second largest search engine in the World.”

Use your brands technology to your advantage and shoot videos of behind-the-scenes action on how products are made, why topics are trending or how contests and winners are determined. Start a podcast or a YouTube channel with your own professional content.

Remember, you don’t need a 1080p HD camera to accomplish this either. Most smartphone’s are now capable of 720p with quality audio and easy uploading features that can get your content straight to YouTube. Also check out Tout.com, a new Twitter-like medium purely for video. Clips are limited to 15 seconds, so use your time wisely.

3. Push Mobile
Smartphones, tablets and e-readers were the hottest gifts this holiday season. From developing social media campaigns, through mobile applications and/or the addition of social media integration into mobile sites, we recommend expanding your brand and clients using these mobile features.

Making your site look and function closely to your website ensures a personal connection. Quirk.biz said, “Mobile platforms can be used for: catching and releasing information, billing and commerce, polls and surveys, management and processes, customer relationship management and competitions.”

4. Monitor Your Social Footprint
Start from the beginning. Do you have Google Analytics? A free and user friendly asset that contributes to your website business profits.

Google’s mission statement said, “Web analytics solution…gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.” This helps build your ROI (Return On Interest) through social media.

Another suggestion is to use bit.ly to shorten links. The website bitly.com explains how “Bitly helps you share, track, and analyze your links,” therefore businesses can decipher what is useful versus what is not.

5. Be Human
We all can concede to spending too much time in the digital matrix. Losing touch of our personal selves happens easily in social media. This year, promise that you will commit time to getting out in the real world. Utilize your social communities — take it to a literal level, be social.

What’s ironic about social media is the alienation factor. At times it can consume your workday or nightlife. If you find yourself talking about Facebook, Twitter or YouTube all day with co-workers or friends and family at night, consider taking a break. This will give you some peace of mind and hopefully rejuvenate your creative thought process.

Cheers to 2012 and a new social you!