5 Useful Twitter Tips For Online Branding

1. Utilize the Bio Space:
Many people don’t take advantage of the bio space and its features. Besides being a section on your page where you can talk about “who you are,” you can also tag other Twitter handles and add links to it, which is a very useful feature. For instance, if you are a group with individual Twitter accounts for each member, or if you have more than one link you would like to share, you can incorporate those links into your bio space.

2. Pay Attention to Visual Branding:

Twitter makes it easy for you to upload your own background as well as alter text and window color. It is important to take advantage of these features to help with your brand. For your convenience, here is a custom Twitter background template, courtesy of the NMR creative team: Twitter Background Template

3. Create A Direct Message auto-responder:

Twitter is not just a tool to connect with an audience, it is also an online medium to drive traffic to a specific source and a place where you can market your product. That said, creating an auto-responder for new followers can help you direct traffic to another page you would like to promote. For example, for our NewMediaRockstars account, here is the “welcome” direct message all new followers receive:

The tool that I use is SocialOomph.com, which in my opinion is the most reliable. This tool makes it very easy for you to connect your Twitter account and set up an automated DM (dirct message) for all new followers.

4. Use Tweetdeck:

This is an awesome tool when it comes to managing multiple Twitter accounts. In my opinion, the most useful element is the feature that allows you to tag certain keywords that people are tweeting about. This is an great way to reach out to possible tweeters in your target demographic for your product.

5 . Use HootSuite:

This tool is a personal favorite of mine, and one that I typically recommend to artists that I work with. For a small fee, you can mass schedule future tweets (album release dates, events, video release dates, etc.) by a simple Excel doc submission. The tool can also provide detailed analytics for the social media accounts you connect it to.