A Very Kimmel Christmas YouTube Challenge

Remember Jimmy Kimmel’s October YouTube Challenge, where he asked parents to convince their children that they had eaten all their Halloween candy? Well, Kimmel is up to his humorous antics again, as he has introduced his latest YouTube Challenge, “I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present.”
Kimmel asked parents last week to allow their kids one early “terrible present” for the YouTube Challenge. The result: a hilarious compilation of video clips featuring several unhappy children — victims of Kimmel’s Grinch-esque prank.

The YouTube video shows little Santa-believers, excited to open their first Christmas gift. A gallon of juice (half-full — because we’re being positive), a bruised banana, an onion, a Waffle House hat, a “stupid” book and ponies (given to a boy, but who said boys couldn’t play with ponies?) were some of the “gifts” included in the video.

Interestingly enough, while the most common reaction among the children was disappointment, one was unfazed by her peculiar gift and went on to eat her old, bruised banana.

But, hey, at least someone appreciated the early gift. I got socks for Christmas last year — and none of them even matched — perhaps that is the reason I can’t help but chuckle and feel a little unsympathetic for the adorable kids. Let’s be honest, we all know they’re getting awesome gifts this year.

Let’s just hope none of these kids have to deal with getting a “stupid” book for Christmas.

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