Adele Is Now On Twitter

For you Adele lovers out there, the long awaited moment has come! Although the Grammy nominated singer is still not able to talk due to the vocal cord laser microsurgery she underwent last month, the singer is now on Twitter!

Her Twitter account was used before for promotional purposes by her management team. Now Adele has full reign of her account tweeting for fans to follow @drop4drop, an organization providing clean water to the developing world, with the incentive that she will “…start tweeting if 10k of u start following…”

Her fans responded quickly prompting her second tweet: “F*ck me that was quick! ThankU! I’m in bed, watchin Gladiator, eatin an apple…”

The singer/songwriter even posted a photo of her posing next to a Beyoncé poster a week ago.

It will be interesting to see what tweets the superstar comes up with next!

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