Advisers to Obama & Romney Spar on Twitter

Advisers to President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney have gotten into an online dispute via Twitter Friday.

So, what was it that made the political advisers want to vent on such a public forum? reported that a published article from the Des Moines Register, written by Vice President Biden “slammed Romney in the Hawkeye State’s largest newspaper less than two weeks before the Iowa caucuses.”

Eric Fehrnstrom, the top adviser for Mitt Romney, took to his Twitter saying, “VP Biden blames Obama’s bad economy on Romney. Yes, he really did.”


This prompted David Axelrod, adviser to President Obama, to tweet back, “Merry X-mas! Thx for referring folks to VP’s piece in Register. Let them judge what he actually said.”

Fehrnstrom took one last swipe at Axelrod by tweeting back, “Merry Xmas to you too! Romney not to blame for stagnant economy, falling wages. Actually, that’s why he’s running.”

The article that is to blame for the Twitter battle can be found at