An Angry Birds Gift For You

Angry Birds just celebrated its second birthday Sunday, Dec. 11 and they want to give gamers the gift of new levels to celebrate. But that’s not all. Rovio, the creator of the popular bird slinging game, is updating the game to a 2.0 version and unlocking all 300 of the existing levels. reported that the updated game is “available through the iTunes App Store as a free update right now, and it contains 15 special birthday-themed new levels…”

Retailers are also taking note of the big occasion. Toys ‘R’ Us will be celebrating by offering a 25 percent discount off plush dolls of the wingless birds and green pigs. Barnes & Noble got in on the festivities with a scavenger hunt on Sunday and will be offering Red Bird cookies in their coffee shops.

Forbidden Planet will start carrying Angry Birds products in the UK, where their merchandise was once inaccessible.

If CEO Peter Vesterbacka’s “Angry Birds’ second ‘birdday’ isn’t enough of a reason for him to celebrate, maybe the sale of 10 million toys, 500 million downloads and a company value of more than $1 billion is.

Vesterbacka confirmed to The Moscow Times that he will be releasing new Angry Birds games in 2012.