Android’s Facebook App Use Surpasses iPhones

It doesn’t matter that Android received the Facebook app a year after iPhone users did, they have now picked up their slack in the amount of daily active users on their Facebook app.

According to, the Facebook app on the Android “has more daily active users than its iPhone counterpart for the first time.”

AppData, a data tracking service, showed  that the Android version of the app has 58.8 million daily active users, while the iPhone has 57.6 million users. said that the more the app begins to expand, the more Facebook will take notice and “devote more resources towards developing services for the platform.”

And guess what ladies and gentlemen, they did.

According to, the support for the Facebook Timeline was revealed to Android users a few days before the iPhone version was released yesterday. claimed Android is “currently the most successful smartphone platform in the world.” They also suggested that the reason Facebook introduced Timeline via Android devices, is because of their “growing prominence of the operating system.”

This prompts the question: Will Facebook begin favoring Android by offering them first dibs on app releases and updates?

It seems the battle between iPhone and Android users rages on.