Apple to Release Two New iPad Devices January

New iPad rumors are constantly floating around, causing eager Apple lovers to itch at the thought of having to wait semi-patiently for their next toy to purchase — or toys, as the latest buzz  is that Apple plans to release two new iPad models in January.

According to, the new iPad models will possess 9.7-inch screens that are expected to boast retina displays, dual LED light bars and quad-core processors.

If you don’t know what that means and you don’t really care, because you’re going to get one of the new iPads anyway, the quality of the camera may spark your interest. reported that one of the new iPads is said to include a 5-megapixel camera, while the other will have 60 percent more pixels, in an 8-megapixel camera.

With Amazon selling over 1 million Kindle products each week in December, according to, reported that modifications will not be made to the iPad 2. Apple also plans to lower the price of the iPad 2 to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

According to, the new iPads will be equipped with a longer battery life. iPad 2 users, who currently use a device with 6,500 milliampere-hours worth of battery life, will be excited to hear that the new iPad models are set to have a 14,000 milliampere-hour battery. reported that while rumor has it that the release of the new iPad devices is set for January 2012, others claim Apple will release their coveted product on Steve Jobs’ birthday (Feb. 24) or in March.