Bizzle Goes Viral on YouTube

It’s almost overwhelming how many YouTube videos there are of adorable puppies and kittens — rolling around, being cute and doing absolutely nothing. But there’s one pup that has managed to shine despite the chronic theme: his name is Bizzle.The viral video, titled “Bizzle gets some Dunkers,” features a 2-year-old American Bulldog and French Mastiff mix, feeding himself with human arms — his owner’s arms, of course.

According to, owners Guy Jenkins and Bec Medri claimed their inspiration for the video came from other animal videos they had seen online.

“I had seen some similar videos on YouTube featuring a cat playing piano and thought I would give it a go with Bizzle. […] He has got such a huge appetite I thought eating would be the best way of getting him to perform for the camera,” Jenkins told Daily Mail.

As Bizzle enjoys his snack of Dairylea Dunkers, viewers can’t help but fall in love with the hungry pup. Check out the video below.