Boy Faces Bachmann

A YouTube video of a young boy meeting Michele Bachmann at her book signing in South Carolina, has surfaced the Internet and gone viral.

Why? Well, the in the video titled, “Activist Elijah With Michele Bachmann,” 8-year-old Elijah is not afraid to face the Minnesota congresswoman.

At first, the boy timidly whispers something inaudible, so Bachmann tells him, “No, it’s all right. You said it, but you know, I- I think I, my ears were too far away. Do you want to come over real quickly?”

What happened after was probably not something the congresswoman had anticipated: “My mommy — Miss Bachmann, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing,” said Elijah.

The video shows a surprised Bachmann and quickly comes to an end. “Activist Elijah With Michele Bachmann” has caught the attention of 3,413,738 viewers, with 7,113 likes and 2,712 dislikes. However, some are calling the incident unacceptable on Elijah’s mother’s part for encouraging her son to address the congresswoman in such a way.

According to, sex columnist and LGBT activist Dan Savage disapproved of Elijah’s mother saying, “We shouldn’t use our kids like this. Even if one of our kids wants to be used like this—even if our kid is a precocious little 8-year-old a**kicker who want nothing more than to get all up in Michele Bachmann’s crazy face (and that’s not how this kid comes across) – we need to exercise sound parental judgement and tell our kids, ‘No, honey, not now. Maybe later.’”

Do you concur with Savage? Tell us your thoughts.

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