Burglars Caught After Facebook Post

After stealing $8,000 worth of checks, cigarettes, candy and cash, 18-year-old Isaiah Cutler was accused of burglarizing a market, after he posted a photo of one of his accomplices “mugging with some of the loot” on Facebook, WashingtonPost.comreported.Cutler, along with a 17-year-old and two 14-year-olds, thought they had gotten away with the alleged crime until, as CNet.comreported, the police caught up with the teens.According to the Associated Press on CNet.com, Detective Valerie Milie said, “[The teens] thought they could put [the pictures] out there for their friends who friended them on Facebook to see. But the one kid had 200 friends […] some of them were relatives who became concerned and called police.”

According to NPR.org, the grandmother of one of the teens called the cops after hearing about the incriminating photos on the social networking site.The 17-year-old and the two 14-year-olds were charged in juvenile court and were later released to their parents.Cutler will face a preliminary hearing on Wednesday with charges of theft, burglary and conspiracy WashingtonPost.com reported .

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