Choose Your Airline Seat Via Facebook

Traveling alone by air can be nerve-wracking. You’ve booked and selected your preferred seat online, but who exactly will you be sitting next to?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is taking seat selection to the next level. While the airline, allows you to select your seat online, a service that is also provided on other airlines, in 2012, KLM will let passengers visit the Facebook and LinkedIn accounts of the person you may choose to sit next to.

According to, passengers may choose to link their “social media profile to [their] check-in information and choose a seating partner” with similar interests. said air travel may be the last platform social sites haven’t gotten a hold of calling it “the final frontier of linked experiences.”

However, KLM airllines are not the only airlines that will be offering this feature. reported that Malaysia Airlines will also be offering the feature and that Virgin Atlantic was throwing an idea around that allowed passengers to “hook up during a flight.”

This brings to light one important question: How many people will be joining the mile high club now?

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