Disabled Woman Asks YouTubers For Donations

Mandi Shaw, a 47-year-old Utah woman, born with multiple disabilities, is reaching out to YouTube, asking users to help save her house.

DesertNews.com said, “[Shaw’s] heart is at only 20 percent of normal capacity, and the results of her birth defects include clubbed feet, no fingers on her right hand and teeth so soft they fell out.”

In the YouTube video, Shaw talks about how the trouble with making house payments began and how she had to refinance the house after her husband died of cancer in 2010.

“If we lost our house, we would be homeless. We would be living in… our Chevy pickup truck,” Shaw said.

Shaw’s only family is her 19-year-old daughter Courtney.

According to DesertNews.com, since Courtney’s high school graduation in June, she has maintained two part-time jobs. However, she recently lost one. Courtney currently works as a janitor at a recreation center. She works 20 hours a week and earns $7.80 an hour.

According to KSL.com, Ron Baker, who owns a small insurance agency, has taken interest in Shaw’s case. Baker put together the YouTube video in hopes that it will help save Shaw’s home.

In the video, when Baker asked Shaw what she would say to those who would help pay her $730 monthly mortgage payment, she said, “I would be forever grateful and indebted.”