PhoneDog Sues Ex-Employee For Twitter Followers

Former PhoneDog writer Noah Kravitz has gotten himself into a $340,000 legal suit with his ex-employer, for reportedly taking Twitter followers he acquired while at the company to his new place of work.

According to, instead of making a new Twitter account after leaving PhoneDog in October 2010, Kravitz simply changed his handle from @Phonedog_Noah to @noahkravitz, keeping all 17,000 of his followers. reported that PhoneDog is suing Kravitz because he refused to give up his Twitter account as requested by the company, prompting them to sue their former writer for $2.50 per follower, each month.

“The costs and resources invested by PhoneDog Media into growing its followers, fans and general brand awareness through social media are substantial and are considered property of the PhoneDog Media L.L.C.,” PhoneDog said in a statement via “We intend to aggressively protect our customer lists and confidential information, intellectual property, trademark and brands.”

According to, corporate companies presiding over employee Twitter accounts is becoming a popular discussion topic, making legal experts anticipate that “this latest case could set a precedent for future ownership tussles.”

Kravitz has a current following of 22,786 — over 5,000 followers gained since leaving PhoneDog — which poses the question: Is PhoneDog the only reason he was able to acquire so many followers on Twitter or is the company taking too much credit for the 17,000 users following Kravitz?