Facebook Guide for Military Families

It’s always hard to have a loved one stationed overseas, but it’s even harder to be separated from them during the holiday season.Facebook has discovered a way to remedy this situation by partnering up with Blue Star Families to create a new social media guide to help connect family members to loved ones stationed overseas.According to allfacebook.com, the guide has specific tips that families can use to stay connected on social media channels. The guide is available on the resources tab of the U.S. Military’s page, or may be viewed and printed here.According to zdnet.com, the social networking giant said it chose to release the document this week since the holiday season can be a difficult time for military families.The guide has specific tips on how to help military families use social networking sites, while still maintaining security.

In a recent blog post that announced the new resource, Facebook said the guide is “an easy-to navigate online handbook detailing everything from privacy settings, to groups, to Operational security and more -– all tailored for today’s 21st century military.”

The blog post goes on to explain how the guide is broken down into different sections beginning with the basics of Facebook, its applications, set-up and messaging. For seasoned users, the guide also details how the military is utilizing Facebook to better connect unit leaders, service members, spouses and family members — especially during deployments.

Common misconceptions about privacy and security are also debunked and clarified. Military spouses can also review the guide for Facebook resources on the ever-challenging realm of employment.

Facebook also has a blog post co-authored by Blue Star Families that features stories shared by fans of the U.S. Military Facebook page and other military-related pages.

In the past week, in order to get ready for the launch, Facebook asked fans to share personal stories about how the social networking site has helped them keep in contact with loved ones all around the world.