Facebook Moves into New Headquarters

Monday saw the beginning of a new era for the team at Facebook. The social media giant has relocated its headquarters to a 57-acre campus in Menlo Park, just south of their Palo Alto roots.“The company also holds the rights to an adjacent and undeveloped 22-acre space. Facebook’s new campus now houses over 2,000 employees and includes an array of features designed to maximize productivity and creativity, including glass-paneled conference rooms, hallways lined with chalkboard paint and not a single cubicle or private office,” Mashable.comreported via The Breakdown.Construction on the new headquarters are still ongoing, and so far they have torn down walls to create an open, office-less atmosphere and added hundreds of small breakaway rooms for brainstorming sessions and small meetings.

“For years, we’ve been moving from one building to the next, but now we finally have a home in this ten building campus,” John Tenanes, Facebook’s global real estate director wrote on the company’s blog page.

Plans are still in the works for two cafés, on-site doctors, a fitness center and a central courtyard connecting the entire campus.

With additional space still being developed, an increase in employment totaling 6,500 workers has been projected.

Facebook, which now claims to have upwards of 800 million users worldwide have begun the process of growing on the East Coast.

Plans for an engineering office in New York City were recently announced and applications are now being accepted at www.facebook.com/nycjobs, which lists open positions in detail.