Facebook Releases Timeline

Facebook allows you to know what is going on right now with any one of your friends. Your best friend might be hiding from the rest of the world because of her drunken status and photo updates the night before.

Never mind that at age 12 she founded a pet rescue organization, she graduated with a masters of veterinary science and now runs her own veterinary office. She will now be recognized as, ‘is that Karla dancing on a pole?’

Now that Facebook has started releasing Timeline, you and your best friend can chronicle your greatest accomplishments on a graphic that will showcase your life in it’s entirety from birth to right… now!

Your cover will allow you to post an image you feel represents you and will be the first thing a friend sees. Emphasis can be brought on memorable posts, photos and life changing events creating a timeline of your life. An apps section is available for linking songs, movies and books you have recently enjoyed.

Washingtonpost.com said it “blurs the current dividing lines in your profile and mixes the content from your information section…with the links and statuses posted on your wall.”

Timeline was first launched in New Zealand but will be rolling out to other countries after monitoring its speed and performance. Sam Lessin, a product manager at Facebook, told PCMag.com that they chose to launch in New Zealand because they primarily speak English and because the country is far a way enough from their data centers to keep tabs on how the new feature is doing. Monitoring it may take a while since they want to take their time making sure everything works well.

Timeline’s launch came a day after a glitch accidentally exposed photos of Facebook users, including Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who had set them to private. Just one week before the Federal Trade Commission required the social network to be more transparent about its privacy policies since the site constantly allows private information to be shared publicly.

This issue raises the question if Timeline will just continue to break FTC privacy issues in the future. Do you think Timeline is too much personal information shared or is it just another way to share with friends?