Facebook To Sue Mark Zuckerberg

Yes, it’s true. Facebook is suing Mark Zuckerberg — only this Zuckerberg is not the one that founded the social networking site you’re all addicted to.

It seems as though Facebook and Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez have come to a disagreement, causing the real Zuckerberg and his team to take legal action against Guez, sacbee.com reported.

This prompted Guez to legally change his name to that of one of America’s youngest billionaires, Facebook’s CEO.

According to smh.com.au (The Sydney Morning Herald), Guez — or Zuckerberg, what ever his name is — said that a lawyer for Facebook “pressed him this week to close his online business Like Store, calling it illegal.” The Like Store guarantees its clients better online presence if they use their services, which allows Facebook users “free content only accessible by clicking ‘like’ on the companies’ profiles.”

Guez said, “The world is big enough for more than one Mark Zuckerberg,” in response to a comment made by a Facebook user, latimesblogs.latimes.com reported.