Father Asks YouTubers To Help Him Find Daughter

Ray Wilson has reached out to the online community via YouTube to help him find his 17-year-old daughter Haley who ran away from home Dec. 26.

Shortly after her disappearance, Wilson made a YouTube video asking the online community to help him locate his daughter. The video has received 222,228 views since being uploaded Dec. 28.

Dailymail.co.uk said, “In the video, Mr. Wilson simply holds up flashcards telling his story to viewers while The Texas Heat’s Misty Waters is played in the background.”

In the letter she left her father, Haley wrote: “Don’t look for me dad. I know you go to the end of the world for me, but you won’t find me.”

Wilson told Daily Mail that his daughter left through a window and the only way of finding Haley is through social media.

In the video, Wilson writes that his daughter is driving a silver 2003 Ford Focus station wagon. Based upon a map that he found in her bedroom, Wilson believes that his daughter is heading west.

“I just want her to be found safe,” he writes.

Daily Mail said, “Because Hayley is 17-years-old she is considered a legal adult in Texas and her name has been entered into a national database of runaways.”

Haley Wilson is 5’6 and 120 pounds. Her family has set up a Facebook page in hopes of finding her alive and safe.