Fear Factor is “Bigger and Badder and Grosser”

If you thought dunking your head in 50 gallons of cow blood was bad, try dunking your whole body in 3,000 gallons of it. After a five year break, the easily most disgusting reality show on Earth, “Fear Factor,” is back on air Monday nights at 8/7 p.m. on NBC with host Joe Rogan.

According to nytimes.com, “television critics detested the show” but viewers are ever eager to watch contestants be swarmed by bees and take hearty bites out of a scorpion.

Almost as soon as the show was canceled in 2006, the production company Endemol, lobbied for NBC to bring the show back on the air. He told nytimes.com that while on vacation in Wyoming, he took a “Fear Factor” backpack and was bombarded by vacationers wanting to know why the show was canceled.

In order to bring the show back and make it worth watching, Executive Producer Matt Kunitz told nytimes.com that the show “had to be bigger and badder and grosser.”