Flipboard Available on iPhone

Apple’s iPad winning app of the year and one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations, Flipboard is now available for iPhone users.

The app compiles your social network posts, photos, videos and favorite reads into what USAToday called “a magazine-like visual experience.” According to flipboard.com, they were “inspired by the beauty and ease of print media.”

Subscribers can easily manage their Instagram photos, Twitter, Facebook feeds and Tumblr posts, to name a few, on this one app.

With the debut of Flipboard on the iPhone, the new feature called Cover Stories lists your most recent updates, articles and photos that are being shared with you at the moment. It is designed to “get smarter every time you use it.”

Making the changes from one device to the other was no easy task. While iPads are typically used while kicking back, iPhones are on-the-go devices where people quickly check their updates between picking up the kids or walking to the next clothing store.

Telegraph.com reported that Flipboard designed the new iPhone app to be used with one hand “while the palm ‘flips’ the pages,” meaning you have to slightly flip your hand to the left to get the pages to change.

USAToday reported that Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said that “going into the iPhone was our No. 1 request from users.” 4.2 million users settle down with the iPad app once or twice a day, but McCue said fans were wanting to use the app while waiting in line for flights or their mocha cappuccinos.

The colors and images are sharp and the welcome image is awe-inspiring, as you see a woman’s blouse blowing in the wind as she moves side to side admiring New York from a coin operated binocular.

However, soon after the launching of the app, the high demand caused the service to crash. The company announced that they were “working to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” via Twitter. Existing iPad users were able to continue using the app as well as launch it for their iPhones. New users, however, were still experiencing loading issues, which prompted an error message to pop up when people tried to set up their preferences.

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