YouTube’s FoodForLouis Considers Everything Food

If you couldn’t stomach the live bugs and repulsive animal parts that contestants on NBC’s “Fear Factor” were challenged with eating in their ‘second stunt,’ you’ll have to shut your eyes for this one. YouTube star, Louis (@FoodForLouis) has created a channel dedicated to showcasing himself eating things that many of us wouldn’t even consider touching.

In Louis’ latest video upload, titled “Maggots in Christmas Dinner,” the not-so-squeamish and fearless YouTuber — dressed in a festive green T-shirt and elf-looking hat — gets a mouthful of turkey and maggots, with a side of ‘maggot pie,’ while a Christmas melody plays in the background. Nonchalant, much?

According to the FoodForLouis channel, “Louis eats some of the worst things imaginable,” even allowing his viewers to give suggestions on what to eat for his next video.

One comment on FoodForLouis, left by YouTube user @huongdabab, said, “I DARE YOU TO EAT A LIVE SNAIL IN THE GARDEN !!!!!!”

Another comment, from @elmatrix06, said, “Louis, you should be on the TV show, ‘Fear Factor’ … oh BTW, EAT A LIVE SNAKE!!!!”

While the first suggestion doesn’t seem to pose a challenge for the hungry YouTube star, the second comment makes us wonder… What would Louis not do?

FoodForLouis has acquired over 50,000 subscribers since joining YouTube in May. Check out “Maggots in Christmas Dinner” below and tell us what you think about Louis’ choice in food!