Google+ Announces Updates

Google+ announced several updates Monday that include improvements made to photo tagging and notifications, managing your news feed and adding administrators to your business Pages. called the updates “minor tweaks, aimed at refining the company’s product in response to user feedback.” reported that the improvements consist of an upgrade to Google+ Photos and Google+ Pages, a section for notifications in the Google Bar and an added “Volume Control” feature, which allows users to select how much of another user’s status updates you want to “hear.”

Though the new feature is called “Volume Control,” it functions similar to the “unsubscribe”/”hide story”/”hide all” features on Facebook — you can slide the icon to raise or lower the “volume” on a Google+ friend to receive more or less updates from them in your news feed. reported that the 6-month-old social networking site has made the photo tagging option less complicated and integrated photo editing tools including “cropping, adding text, and overlaying goofy graphics (like antlers or santa hats).”

According to, Google+ has also enhanced its business pages, giving businesses the option of having up to 50 administrators for its Pages site.

Be sure to check out the YouTube video explaining a few of the Google+ updates below.

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