Google+ Decides To Remove Blogger’s Photo

New social networking sites are popping up all the time in hopes of being the next Facebook, but very rarely do these sites pick up any steam. Recently, Google developed their own social networking site Google+.

Google said their social networking site would, “[make] connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world.”

Google+ launched in June, and by the end of 2012, speculates that Google+ will “end next year with more than 400 million users.”

However, some users want to give Google+ the finger. reported that MG Siegler, a well-known blogger, had a profile picture of himself, flipping off the camera, removed from Google+.

In a letter, posted on his blog, to Google+, Siegler said, “My problem isn’t so much with the fact that I couldn’t have a profile picture of myself giving everyone the finger — which I can and do on Twitter and elsewhere — it’s that no one bothered to tell me or warn me before they just went into my account and deleted the picture. What if this was the only place I had stored the picture?“

If Google+ continues to monitor their website in this fashion, do you think the new social networking site will have the 400 million users that analysts expect them to have, by the end of 2012?

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