Google Donates Millions To End Modern-Day Slavery

Many companies contribute to different charity organizations every year, but none have done so like tech giant Google, who announced Wednesday that it will be donating $11.5 million in an effort to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

The $11.5 million in funds is reportedly the highest corporate donation ever given to the cause in which Google will aid the International Justice Mission, BBC World Service Trust, ActionAid India and “eight other organizations dedicated to eradicating slave labor,” said.

According to, Google has elected the International Justice Mission to lead the philanthropy, which will include working with Polaris Project and Slavery Footprint to run an operation that will liberate victims of modern-day slavery, help raise awareness in the U.S. and increase resources for organizations committed to improving the lives of those affected by slavery. reported that Google’s efforts will rescue approximately 12,000 from slavery and prevent many others from being forced into hard labor under captivity.

“Each year we focus some of our annual giving on meeting direct human need,” Jacquelline Fuller, director of charitable giving and advocacy at Google, said via “Google chose to spotlight the issue of slavery this year because there is nothing more fundamental than freedom.”

The coalition plans to divide the donation. According to, $8 million will go to two associations led by the International Justice Mission in India and $1.8 million will go to the Polaris Project and Slavery Footprint partnership called the U.S. Anti-Trafficking Initiative. says the rest of the donation ($1.7 million) will go to smaller groups fighting to end slavery.

Of course, this has not been Google’s sole charitable endeavor, as the leading Internet company founded in 2004, a non-profit focusing on creating awareness for climate change, global public health and global poverty. Google has also been linked to the International Mathematical Olympiad.