Google And YouTube Create YouTube Slam

Calling all YouTube enthusiasts, constantly looking up the latest videos: Google Research has partnered with the video-sharing site to launch YouTube Slam, a service that allows users to choose the best viral videos on the Internet.

The site uses “acoustic analysis and machine learning to pore over […] videos and automatically identify talented musicians,” Charles DuHadway, from the YouTube Slam Team, said in a Google Research blog post.

Still, while machine learning helps find videos of talented individuals on YouTube, Google Research maintained that they needed help from users in selecting the “real hidden gems” — enter YouTube users, who can vote for their favorite videos.

According to, voters can pick the best videos out of the following categories: “Comedy Slam,” “Dance Slam,” “Cute Slam,” “Music Slam” and “Bizarre Slam.” said, “[YouTube Slam] is an interesting development since we don’t typically see these kinds of simple gaming mechanics used to motivate people into using a new Google service.”

The video-sharing site, which calls YouTube Slam “the place for discovering talented amateur singers, the most adorable clips and the craziest videos on YouTube,” features videos with the most votes on the Slam Leaderboard.