Hands-Free Cell Phone Ban

The National Transportation Safety Board made an announcement Tuesday that they want to ban the use of not just hand-held cell phone devices, but also hands-free devices and wireless headsets nationwide.

Although California is one of 35 states that have already banned texting while driving and “one of nine to ban handheld [sic.] cellphone use by drivers,” the NTSB is recommending that all 50 states, including DC, should “ban all non-emergency use of electronic devices for drivers.”MSNBC.com said that the two exceptions for cell phone use in a car would be emergency calls and the use of GPS navigation devices.

Last years deadly pileup in Missouri prompted the NTSB to make the recommendation the Associated Press reported on Yahoo!news.com. The pile up was caused by a 19-year-old pick up truck driver who “sent and received 11 texts in the 11 minutes immediately before the crash.”

The crash involved a tractor truck, the pick up truck and two school buses full of high school band members heading to the Six Flags in St. Louis.

ABC.com reported that about 3,000 deaths resulted from drivers who were talking or texting last year.

However, these are only recommendations and, as phonearena.com put it, carries “absolutely no force of law.” Politicians do, however, listen and consider these suggestions making it possible to be in “some legislation[…] as a result.”