How to Not Burn Out with Social Media

Phil Pallen is a Social Media Designer based in Los Angeles, managing brands for celebrity and high-profile clients throughout North America.

Greetings weary tweeter, soul-worn Facebook developer, or all-around unenthusiast. We live two lives nowadays — one in real life, the other in the digital world and the latter is taking over. Fear not. Here are a few tips to help juggle your lives (because let’s face it, you don’t have a choice).

Keep It Fun
Sometimes it’s serious, but most of the time it’s not. Much like the social experience, people favor conversation that is light and entertaining. Boring content doesn’t get too far on the Internet. Share engaging stuff, which can be genuine, useful or entertaining. If it’s good enough, others share it. Don’t get too far removed from it all. I mean, if you’re not having fun, neither are they.

Bounce Ideas AroundThe social media landscape changes daily. So many are quick to claim their “expert” title, but  let’s be honest, the industry is way too new for experts. Here’s the bottom line: there’s a ton of opportunity to do something brand new, cutting-edge and original. So ask others if you need to, but go out there and do it (rather than just think about it).

Find Inspiration
You thought you’ve seen it all on the Internet. You haven’t. It’s an endless resource (or time-waster, but we’re being positive) to draw inspiration from. Who do you look up to? Who’s doing it even better than you? Watch closely and learn how others are using social media effectively. Remember, there’s no formula. Experiment with new ways of socializing and don’t get stuck in a rut.

Social media got you down? Don’t fret. It’s just like hair — some days it’s great and some days it’s terrible. Figure out how to embrace it and keep it fresh, and you’ll be smiling and saying, “What did I do without it?” Just trust me.