Instagram Is The 2011 “iPhone App Of The Year”

Apple released its iTunes Rewind 2011 and App Store Rewind 2011 list earlier this month. The company’s annual list details the top selling apps, music, TV shows, movies and podcasts of the past year.

This year, the biggest winner on the apps front was Angry Birds, running away with the number one spot on the iPhone and iPad in all categories, except for the top free iPhone app, which was awarded to Facebook.

Apple also picks its personal favorite app each year and Instagram won the coveted title for 2011 as “iPhone App of the Year.”

Instagram is a photo editing and sharing application that allows users to take pictures with the camera phone or select an image from the hard drive. From there users can edit the selected image with a variety of options. Starting with filters, popular titles include “Toaster,” “X-pro II,” “Inkwell,” “Hefe,” “Nashville” and “1977.”

Another feature allows for deep or shallow focus, emphasizing one area of the picture or none at all. Boarders can also be placed around the square images.

Also, users can title the artwork with a brief description or a lengthy submission, full of hash tags and @mentions.

Finally, one may select social media sites to share their masterpiece with (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) before hitting the finish button.

Building a social network of its own, the Feed within the app allows you to view photos in chronological order. You can easily sync your social network accounts and quickly add friends and family to your feed. Double tapping a picture provides a heart shaped logo, meaning you like it. Comments and ‘likes’ are neatly stored below each photo and users can be notified of each through their smart phone notification settings.

The free app launched on October 6, 2010 to the iTunes and iPhone/iPad App store. Over 15 million people worldwide have now downloaded it Apple reported.

More than 150 million photos have been using the software and there are no signs of our photo-enriched culture slowing down.

For the artistic and creative users you can purchase DitPic. An app that allows users to combine multiple photos into one.

For photography examples and to download the award winning app click here. If your interested in viewing only, an additional free app named Instagallery has endless lists of popular pictures from around the globe at your fingertips.