IPhone 5 Comes to Twitter!

When a rumor starts, what better place to decipher the truth than through Twitter!This morning, tweeters were ecstatic to hear rumors of the iPhone 5 as it began trending on the informational social networking site, but which are true?Various followers were tweeting a link to a photo of a clear, plastic cover with stickers of tabs leading to ‘Hot Keys,’ ‘E-mobile’ and ‘Schedule.’We’re not so sure we have reached the technology to have a working phone without hardware just yet.

Substantial news sources, however, are also jumping on the rumor bandwagon with news they hope is credible.

CNET.com reported that the source of the rumors, Boy Genius Report, said the already anticipated smartphone will come with a rubber bumper “surrounding the front edge of the phone [… joining] the glass screen with a new aluminum back plate.”

CNET.com said the bumper will resemble the case offered to iPhone 4 users when the antenna was giving owners trouble. They also reported that it will cover a “redesigned antenna that’ll surround the handset.”

The almuninium back will replace the “large plastic insert above the antennae” so it will resemble the iPad 2, CNET.com reported.

However, iDownloadBlog.com is not so confident about the rumors spread by BGR. They reported that “BGR has gotten iPhone  rumors incredibly wrong in the past” but feel they might have gotten a few things right this time.

IDownloadBlog.com are certain that the next iPhone will become available fall of next year, around the same time the iPhone 4S was launched.

ITProPortal.com, however, has Gene Munster, a prominent analyst, giving them a much sooner release date for the iPhone 5.

Munster told ITProPortal.com that the redesigned phone will be out in the summer of 2012.

What do you Apple lovers think? Who’s rumor will you stand by?