Jenna Marbles Trends on Twitter

When Jenna Marbles starts trending on Twitter, you know she out did herself on her latest vlog channel. Fans were elated to see that her name was being spread like wildfire on the social networking site.

Fans praised her videos each sharing their favorite quotes and prompting others to watch her videos.@Jentolnfinity suggested tweeters watch “What Disney Movies Taught Me,” cautioning them that it was “…NOT kid friendly,OK for work if you’ve got headphones.”
@jbeibsgang linked why Marbles was their “LIFE” with the Nov. 30 video titled “What B**ches Wear At The Airport” which is a six minute tirade of why she hates when women wear heels and metal jewelry at airports.
Her latest video, which started the YouTube star to trend in the first place, was “What Girls Do When They’re Drunk.” It was a sketch where she was drunk Facebooking, mixing Patron with a can of Bud Light and drunk calling two of her exes and tearfully singing Adele’s “Someone Like You” to the last one.
The video was live for six hours and already well over 10,000 views. No doubt it will catch up to the 2,360,266 views her video had last week to date.
Marbles puts out new videos every Wednesday.