Jon Bon Jovi Very Much Alive

It seems Twitter pronounced legendary rockstar, Jon Bon Jovi, dead for the past two hours. But no need to fret “Wanted Dead or Alive” fans, Bon Jovi is just the latest celebrity to be pranked by the Internet Death Hoax.

Many tweeters cited as their news source claiming that Bon Jovi was found in his Empress Hotel room in a coma.

The blogger went into further detail reporting how First Aid Captain Douglas Gray, from the New Jersey Fire Department, told the Times, not specifying which of the many, received a 911 call from the room. Upon arrival he was found not breathing.

@TheRealTurbo seemed to be the only tweeter who realized the news must be rumor since was the “only site claiming Jon Bon Jovi died.”

But who better to prove the rumors wrong than Bon Jovi himself.

On his Facebook page, Bon Jovi is standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree, smiling, as he holds a paper that reads, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey” dated Dec. 19, 2011 and 6:00 p.m. (EST since he is in New Jersey) as the time.

According to, Bon Jovi’s representatives told the site that he will be performing at a charity tonight in New Jersey, so we are glad Bon Jovi is alive and well.

Bon Jovi joins the Internet Death Hoax club, where Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and Lady are just a few of its members.

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