Jonah Mowry YouTube Video: Real or Fake?

Back in August, Jonah Mowry posted a tear-jerking, raw video of how miserable he felt about starting the eighth grade that September.

The 14-year-old Lake Forest resident recorded a video, titled “What’s Going On…” at four in the morning with Sia’s “Breathe Me” playing over the video as he silently holds up index cards with his pained emotions written on them.

On his YouTube channel he wrote that he made the video to assure his high school friends that he would be strong and take a stand against his bullies. The video was unlisted so that only the people he provided the URL with could watch it.

His friends encouraged him to upload it onto his Facebook so it could get more views.

“I never expected in a million years that it would have such a wonderful impact on so many people,” Mowry wrote on his YouTube channel.

The video went viral after Perez Hilton, a supporter of LGBT rights and anti-bullying campaigns, began promoting it on his celebrity blog site calling his “optimism in the face of adversity…so inspiring!”

Mowry has since made videos of him lip-syncing to songs like Rihanna’s “S&M” and Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” with close friends. His follow-up video in response to “What’s Going On…” was made shortly after the video went viral.

It showed Mowry with one of his best friends in a much happier mood and telling anyone watching that the majority of his school loves him. It prompted individuals to call the former video a fake.

Mowry’s mother, Peggy Sue Mowry, told that she was “disappointed that somebody could look at the first video and then look at the second and think it’s a lie.” reported that Hilton and other celebrities have come to Mowry’s defense. Ricky Martin tweeted:

“Sending @JonahMowryReal one big rib breaking hug :0) ! Stay strong buddy? You are 1 courageous young man!!! Remember #LoveConquersHate!

Hilton provided a link to a question Mowry answered on his old Formspring account, a social site popular with teens, as proof that he was really struggling with suicidal thoughts:

Question: “What is your main goal for this school year?”
Answer: “Make it through alive. (im serious).”

What do you think? Was the “What’s Going On…” video real or fake?

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