Karmin Talks Style and Success

Karmin, comprised by the engaged duo Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, have gone from YouTube gods to mega celebrities in eight short months.

Heidemann told GlobalGrind.com that the morning the duo woke up after posting their YouTube cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at me Now,” WorldStarHipHop picked it up and posted it on their site.

Whether it helped or not, GlobalGrind.com reported that Karmin have not only “caught the attention of millions” but have also garnered the attention of “their favorite celebrities.”

From Trey Songz, Jermain Dupri, Chris Brown, Busta Ryhmes to one of their idols Kanye, Karmin have cemented their ground on hip hop territory.

But their musical talent isn’t the only thing getting lots of media attention. Their unique fashion sense makes their videos appealing to both sight and sound.

According to The Hook via Billboard.com, Karmin fuses 50s retro style with modern bright pieces.

“I like that it has made [our music] more accessible to fans because it’s not as intimidating as it would be if we were covered in chains, or whatever the hip-hop stereotype,” Heidemann told Billboard.com

Their combination of retro chic clothing paired with red lips on Heidemann and a James Dean inspired pompadour on Noonan have shown the entertainment industry that clashing two completely different genres can prove disastrously beneficial.

What’s next for the pop duo? Seattlepi.com reported that the American Music Award winners for New Media will be releasing their first album in February with Sony.

According to TheHollywoodReporter.com, L.A. Reid, the new chairman of Sony Music’s Epic Records, said he wants the duo to record original tracks for their debut album instead of cover songs.

As for their new music video for their debut single “Crash Your Party,” their success has made the recording process very different than their typical living room recording.

Heidemann told Billboard.com “we have more resources to be like, ‘I was really looking for a vintage green shirt to wear with my Bettie Page high-waisted suspender skirt.’ And then they have like, three options for you.”

Noonan also recalled, to MTVNews.com, how different the recording process now compares to recording in their living room in 106 degrees because they had to turn the air off.

Heidemann told MTV News how she joked with Noonan about “how we used to run over to the camera and push record and run [back] and be like, ‘OK, ready?’”

Karmin, welcome to the big time!