Lady Gaga’s Twitter Takeover

Lady Gaga is getting a lot of love from her fans via twitter with five trending topics to her name!

According to, the six time Grammy nominated singer’s fame rose with hits, “Just Dance,” “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance,” and those happen to be a few of the  songs that began trending on the informational social networking site.

Lady Gaga’s Twitter takeover began when #MyTop5GagaSongsEver began trending.

@SouDesses chimed in mentioning that his top five were “Judas, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Just Dance [and] Speechless.”

@TeamGrandeGaga explained the evolution of her fandom: “I was a fan during the Just Dance era. I became more than a fan during the Paparazzi era. I became a monster during the Bad Romance era. <3 <3”

As fans began mentioning their favorite songs, “Bad Romance,” “Dance in the Dark,” “Poker Face,” and “Heavy Metal Lover”  became the clear top four winners of fan favorites as those were the songs that began trending.

@RomanSlayys agreed with at least three of the songs on the list tweeting, “3 of Gaga’s Best Songs In Her Career Are Trending Bad Romance, Dance In The Dark & Heavy Metal Lover. Bow To The Queen.”

With 434,177,941 views on her YouTube video “Bad Romance,” there is no surprise as to why it made it on the trending list. According to, “Bad Romance was the first single off of Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” album.


“Poker Face,” with 113,091,951 YouTube views, was the second single release from the same album. Gagapedia reported that “the song was critically acclaimed and achieved worldwide popularity […] making it  even more successful than her debut single, “Just Dance.”


Although “Dance in the Dark,” with 1,961,458 YouTube views, was supposed to be chosen as the single after “Telephone” on “The Fame Monster” album, Gagapedia reported there was a disagreement between the artist and Interscope Records, making “Alejandro” a single instead.


With 2,410,982 YouTube views, “Heavy Metal Lover” was a song out of Gaga’s thrid album “Born This Way,” and Gagapedia reported that it was the last song written for the album.


Although “Dance in the Dark” and “Heavy Metal Lover” were not singles, Lady Gaga fans proved that they don’t have to be hyped by mainstream media for them to become their favorites.