Meet Darren Capik

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m one of the many creative forces behind the company. As the CEO and Founder of WIN, I lead all aspects of the creative process as producer, director and creative director.

Tell us about WIN

Watch It Now Entertainment is a full service fitness and health media company that enables clients the ability to complete every aspect of a project under one roof at the highest quality possible.  From social media management, creative design, production design, production, post-production, packaging, web design, marketing, PR, direct sales, fulfillment and distribution.

Where are you from?

Our offices reside West Hollywood.

What do you like about social media?

Social media gives us immediate access to the consumer, allowing us to deliver rich and customized media at any given time.  It is a solid foundation to build upon and grow, as feedback is instantaneous.  Through this live interaction, we are able to learn by absorbing the direct response of the audience.

How does WIN use social media?

WIN disseminates content via social media relative to our brand as a tool to meet consumer’s needs.  We build platforms and support them by adapting the messaging to nurture the desires of the community.  WIN listens, observes and immerses itself into the online community to enrich the media we produce.

What is the most important lesson you have learned regarding new media?

Consumers are present and they are listening.  Authenticity and consistency is absolutely vital otherwise they will shun you.  If an issue arises, it is important to immediately address it because the consumer is waiting for a comment.  Understanding when to cease a problem by taking it offline is crucial otherwise the audience can swarm, devour and possibly dictate the image of the brand.

How do we stalk you/WIN?


YouTube: /watchitnowtv

Facebook: /watchitnowtv

Twitter: /watchitnowtv