Miley Cyrus Snaps at Fan in YouTube Video

Celebrities are always in the limelight, receiving both good and bad attention. Being a celebrity means fans are always going to want you to take pictures with them and autograph their merchandise — or, in some cases, bodies. Pushy fans can cause even the nicest of celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, to reach a boiling point, which she did yesterday after a fan called her an “a**hole.” reported that Cyrus, 19, was vacationing in Costa Rica, with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, when she was called the offensive name. This occurred after the star politely declined to pose for photographs with some of her fans, telling them that she did not have any time.

Cyrus who had been in a hurry to catch her helicopter was quoted saying, “What the f*ck? Are you for real? I’m not being an a**hole. We are on vacation.”

In the YouTube video below, Cyrus poses for pictures for a few young fans. When she spots the private helicopter waiting for her and Hemsworth, Cyrus politely apologizes and tells her fans that she has to go.

Unfortunately, Cyrus’ gestures did not stop a pushy fan from trying to stop her for a picture. When the singer/actress claimed she didn’t have time for the picture, the offensive remark and Cyrus’ outburst followed.

Cyrus later took to her Twitter to defend her actions saying, “Been trying not to tweet & just enjoy the holidays but just to clear something up I would NEVER swear to a fan. When someone yells something”

“SO rude making ME look like an “a**hole” infront of fans who I am more than happy 2 take a picture w/ i cant tolerate that kind of rudeness”

“Every1 who was there apologized 4 the womans brusque behavior. She obviously wasnt a fan. Hope every1 has a Merry Christmas! LOVE 2 ALL!”

Do you think Miley Cyrus was justified in swearing at the so-called ‘fan’ or should she have kept her cool? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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