Misconceptions of Social Media in Business

Social Media is a growing medium and many businesses are looking to integrate it into their marketing plans. Being a former social media consultant for various companies, I have come to notice a  pattern in which many executives have not had a clear understanding of new media practices. That said, here are three main misconceptions I have encountered:

Misconception No. 1: More Followers = Better

It is a common misconception, with people new to social media, that the more followers one generates, the more valuable he or she is. That’s like saying throwing 100 people in front of a restaurant means you’ll have more customers. In the end, the number of followers you, or any outside source, can generate for your social media does not matter. What matters, is how many of those followers can become paying customers for your product. To put it simply, “numbers don’t mean squat unless they convert.”

Misconception No. 2: Social Media is the New Gold Mine

This is far from the truth, new media is exactly what it says it is: It’s NEW media. It is not the answer to your problems, it is not the very thing that is going to double your revenue over night. Essentially, you need to make sure your product/brand is even marketable first. Just because you have new brushes (media) to play with, doesn’t mean you will be able to paint a masterpiece. Success in social media is time consuming and requires a great deal of planning.

Misconception No. 3: Social Media is Just Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

There are MANY outlets available, aside from the main avenues, and  it is especially important that you realize this if you run a business. You will need to target your niche market in order to be able to tailor specially to your product, as different social media outlets are each aimed toward particular demographics. Back when I was employed at a software company, we found out that harvesting leads via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was not very effective. Over time, we discovered that Quora acts as a better avenue simply because their target demographic aligned with the company I worked for.

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