New Site Offers A Way To Sell Items From Ex

Breaking up is never easy, especially when you have items, reminding you of your ex-loved one. The new website,, offers a way for users to get rid of those unwanted gifts from your ex. said, “It’s a marketplace website with a difference: although only a small number of items have been posted so far, the stories behind them are the real reason for visiting.”

NeverLikedItAnyway has specific rules and guidelines posted on their site that must be followed such as no selling pets or other “alive things,” no using real names, no giving out personal information, etc.

On the website, users can list the real price paid for the item and the “Break-up Price” they are willing to settle for. For example, user ni4ni4 is selling her wedding dress for $250 when she had originally paid $800 for it.

Of course, the website is not free. You can pay $2.50 to have your item listed on the “Buy It” page or you can pay $7.50 to be included in the “Featured Listings.”