Social Networking Site Geared Towards Occupiers

The occupy movement has been sweeping the nation for months with young college graduates protesting their outrage at the social inequality that has run rampant in our country. However, these protesters are also savvy in the ways of social media.
According to, occupy activists are talking about creating their own social networking site, because occupants are hesitant to trust Facebook or other social networking sites with information that they wish to remain private. reported that “Ed Knutson, a website and mobile application developer within the Occupy development team said: “I don’t want to say we’re making our own Facebook. But, we’re making our own Facebook.”

Knutson and other demonstrators are hoping the new social networking site will become a better way for protesters to communicate with each other. reported that many names have been thrown around for the new site, including the name “Global Square.” reported that Jérôme E. Roos, an activist, said, “We have found the existing social media to be increasingly restrictive in their functionality. What we need, at this point, is a platform that allows us to radically democratize our global organizational efforts.” also reported that the site will offer a map that lists all occupy movements around the world, a search engine that gives users the means to find movements and events, and a news feed with status updates of the most relevant news that can be shared by various movements.

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