New Twitter Design Not Well-Received

Change can be good, but perhaps not when it comes to social media sites constantly changing the layout to their sites, as they have in recent months, as it seems users are not impressed.

The most recent social networking site to make a layout change has been Twitter. However, some users may not know what the new design looks like because not all accounts have been revamped.

Yesterday, in an article, we told you how to access the new Twitter layout. But users have made it clear, via their tweets, that they are in favor of the old design.

User @hollykiwi tweeted, “twitter, instead of constantly changing the layout, would you mind giving us more characters please?”

@chaunceycc tweeted directly to Twitter saying, “Hey. Remember when Facebook changed their entire website layout and everyone hated it? LET’S DO THAT TOO! @Twitter

Earlier this year, Facebook received a similar outrage by their fans when they changed their layout. This was met with cries of protests by the users, making one wonder why Twitter would risk the wrath of their followers by following Facebook’s lead. reported that Twitter stands behinds the redesign saying, “We’ve simplified the design to make it easier than ever to follow what you care about, connect with others and discover something new.”

Still, users can change their Twitter back to the old design by using the helpful advice provided by