No More Facebook Sympathy for Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan, 19, a Johnson County Community College student, who was believed to have been abducted  on Dec. 16, was located by police on Dec. 21, but they “believe no crime was committed,” reported. reported, a massive search involving the FBI, 10 detectives, 50 police officers and the University of Kansas’ security guard, she was studying on the University’s campus,  all helped in her search having reason to believe she had been abducted.

A Facebook page was also created by a family friend, reported, to recruit many more to help in her search, and it seems the Facebook community is not taking her appearance as lightly as the police seemed to have. reported that law enforcement officials will not press charges against Khan because “she didn’t report any criminal activity so there’s nothing at this time that I’m seeing that she could be charged for,” Overland Police spokeswoman Michelle Koos told

Facebookers, who helped spread the word of her search, are demanding answers about her whereabouts, reported.

Some Facebookers are commenting that the newly wed bride wanted to run away and faked her own kidnapping. Others think she should have at least left a note for her family “or contacted the police as soon as she knew that the whole state [was] looking on her,” reported.

Hammand Mapara commented, “Aisha Khan, thanks for wasting everyone’s time and taxpayers dollars in your search!”

What was intended to be a support site for Khan has changed to one bidding against her. reported that Khan’s family “has not seen or spoken to the teenager” yet, but are glad that she is “safe and sound.”