Obama Bans Daughters from Facebook

President Barack Obama has a different stance on social networking sites, specifically Facebook, when it comes to his daughters. Although he is known as the “First Social Media President,” TimesofIndia.com reported that Obama doesn’t think it makes sense to post personal details on the Web.Although his daughter Malia,13, is old enough, by Facebook standards, to sign up for an account, Obama wants both his children to wait four years before Malia and Sasha, 10, get an account.Examiner.com reported that Obama believes in four years the girls will be “old enough to handle the responsibilities of the site.”

The site goes on to say that Obama relied heavily on social media during his presidential campaign back in 2008 and that more “young voters took part during the election process that year” because of his use of Facebook and Twitter.

Examiner.com said he will also rely on the social media hype to be re-elected in 2012.

It poses the question, did he choose the four year wait time because of his possible re-election? Leave your comments below!